Friday, August 7, 2015

2 1/2 months behind....

I am way behind!
We welcomed Lacey to our family May 27. It was the best delivery ever. The pain meds worked. I have never been numb before. It was amazing! It was also my shortest delivery, only 13 hours! She is amazing, my husband was just great. We seriously had no problems at all. We felt angels in the room, and I know Heavenly Father was looking out for us on every thing that happened. I felt calm, and most of all peace. I could have taken a nap when I was dilated  to a 10, I mean how does that happen? My mom was down here helping mike with the kids. They still were in school. She is amazing. A huge thanks to her. Mike took time off to be with us, I sure appreciated that. We came home on Friday.
Over the weekend we had a lot of family stuff happen. Mikes grandpa (the one we lived with), was hospitalized, and so was his brother. It was hard to know where to be! My sisters came down for a visit, helped clean sheets., and made us yummy food. Thanks guys!
Mikes grandpa did end up passing. He died at home. He was such an amazing grandpa. We miss him.
Mike got surgery this week as well. We were a hot mess, but it all worked out. I was not in a lot of pain, so I was doing things like normal. We cared for Mike, and now we are all better!
Lacey ended up in the hospital due to a fever. I guess babys with fevers go to the ER. We ended up spending the night for observation.....everything was fine, and her tests all came back fine! Thanks goodness, what a scary 24+ hours. I spent the night too, and cared for her, she was a good little patient.
Our summer has been movies, some water slides, plays, play dates with friends, swimming, shopping, walks with the baby, and hanging out with cousins. For the most part we have been at home though. I am glad that they got this special time with Lacey. They are both so good with her. We all love her. She is such a blessing in our family! Now we can't imagine life without her. They always want to hold her, and bath her, and hold her again! Lacey is a great baby. She is so calm, and very sweet. She hardly ever cries, and she SLEEPS! Yes, she sleeps thru the night. It has been nice.
The kids are ready for school, they miss there friends. It starts so soon!
That was a quick update....but everything is good! I had some mommy blues at the beginning but got a blessing from mike, and everything is good now. We love being parents and watching them grow up! It happens so fast.
It's true.....
the days are long, the years are short, so short!
                                          she loves to take selfies.....she is a GREAT big sister!!!
                                                              she is such a great baby.
                                                                      sweet baby!
                                                                   proud big brother!

Update on medical stuff:
Mike does not need surgery on his shoulders!
Jess' CT scan came back normal! The lesions on her liver have not changed, no cancer!
Jess' x-ray came back okay. No rheumatoid in her back.
Ultra sound at the end of the month on her hand, to check for inflammation.
Her rheumatologist thinks she had fibermilgia. I don't know how to spell it, I still kind of am in denial!

We are back to playing Volleyball, and Mike basketball, and me, I'm running again, and doing exercises to strengthen and tone. We are happy when we are active! Kids love to tag along and watch, and sometimes, join in!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Time goes on, ready or not!

Ready? Not even close!!!
It seems like time has just gone by so fast! I remember when we first found out we were having a baby, and now it is 15 days away. 15 days. I cannot imagine what my life, our life is going to be like. We are busy getting ready, washing, and packing diaper bags and mommy bags, getting the crib all ready....and trying to stay in the present. Our kids need me in the present.
I don't know how I am going to mother three kids, I mean I already love her, but I want to make sure the older kids have enough time with me and know that I love them..... but sharing the time between the three....I hope it's not too tricky. I hope that I can figure it all out. I hope my heart  can grow and reach where it needs to. I am not sure if that came out right, but I am just scared, I want to give all three what they need.
I am scared:
of labor
of going back to the baby stage
of waking up a lot, and not losing my mind
of not being good enough, for any of them, mostly a good wife....
of my health
bleeding out and never getting to mother again.....the most scary one of all. I have gotten my platelets checked regularly and they have been behaving. They just have to be above 100 to go into labor, and last week they were 150. I hope they stay up.
of the older kids going to school and me not working there. I loved it, and they have told me they have loved it as well.
I am just scared, terrified, happy and getting chills. I am not sure what the future has prepared for us. I know that Heavenly Father does.I know He will take good care of us. I need to remember that faith more often. I need to remember the miracles that happen daily, and not dwell on the scary things. I know things will work out, and I know we have had nine months to prepare for her. We are almost ready, but emotionally just not yet....I will keep praying, and having faith. I need to, my family needs me to.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

1 month!!

1' month until we meet this little lady!
Time to get stuff ready!
May 27, she will be here.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

just a little update!

This pregnancy was so hard physical  in the beginning, now I feel it in my emotions! It is a roller coaster for sure.
I am still trying to be pretty active. We went on a hike, I play volleyball, elliptical and run when I can. Today was a feel good to run day. It feels so great, even though I am a bit slower.
I started working out after those terrible first 12 weeks!
We have march, April and may and two or three days in June. I feel like that is still a long time. We are nervous, and anxious to meet her! Still no name.
Hailey and ryker are so funny and growing into wonderful kids!! They are awesome to be around and keep me laughing...I love my family! Mike is so busy and keeps up with everything. He is great. He provides for us while playing with us and getting projects done.
Thanks for putting up with me!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

it's a......

We are excited, and feeling great! We are all getting emotionally ready for her. I am feeling much better, just tired every now and then. I am swollen sometimes too. 

We already love her!
Typing on a tablet, sorry for the boldness....

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It Really has been a long time!!

A lot has happened lately! So busy, and so many directions. I am sure a lot of you reading this feel the same way. Summer is over, and so is fall, but it is still awesome weather here, and so on with the park days, basketball, skateboarding, really nice runs, and great walks. I hope to take them on a hike, but they are not interested.....I will keep trying.
Ryker is loving the first grade...he is doing great! He is in the school choir and is loving the fact that early morning practices are over! His performances are today, and then it is the pizza party, so that will be fun. He is reading and doing great at sounding words out, he is writing great, and has a great mind for math! He still gives me hugs and kisses, in front of anyone, he is awesome! He loves to play with his action figures still, loves sports, anything outside, and anything new! He is still shy sometimes.
Hailey is doing well in third grade. She is having a lot of fun, and making great friends. She is reading so well.  She knows a lot of her times tables! She knows a lot of silly songs that helped her learn them so well. She is so fun to be around. She is a wonderful little girl, I mean big girl. She also did choir and participated in all the performances. Hailey got glasses over the summer, and this has seemed to help her to SEE what is going on! I am glad that we were able to catch this before the school year started. She looks fantastic!!
The kids are bot into minecraft. They love it and would play it for hours, if I were that nice. They are good at getting their homework and reading done before anything else goes on.
Hailey and Ryker play soccer in the fall and spring. Hailey does not do gymnastics anymore. She was having respect issues at home, we hope to fix that before her teens! She loved that so hopefully she can learn to be respectful always so she can earn that back!
In September I started a job for an hour a day at their school. It is nice, we all have to be on time. We have only been late a few times. I enjoy it. I also enjoy bringing in a little money, very little.
Also in September we found out we are having a baby! We are due in June. I am 16 weeks along. I am feeling much better. Those 12 weeks killed me this time. I mean, on the couch, can't eat, can't cook.....doing a lot better! We will find out in January what we are having. This was a big shock, but a blessing too. We were so sad in February when they told us not to have anymore. I mean, there is a 7 year gap, we thought we were complete, but it was just sad to be done and that was that. I was having a really hard time. We looked into adoption, and looking at what agency to go through, and just never finished. I almost got rid of all the baby clothes, and then we found out! It is great news, scary, but really good. We will have to start over in many ways, but it will be a nice adventure.
My platelets are up, the baby is a platelet maker. The hematologist and OB are watching me, and they will watch closer as it gets to be at the end. They are happy that we are having a baby.
Mike is still working hard for our growing family! He is awesome. He is working out and eating healthy. He is loving Volleyball lately. He is just trying to keep up with all of us.
I will try to be better at posting.....

Monday, July 14, 2014

summer update

We have been busy!
Swimming, going places, volleyball, plenty of late nights, and trying to keep up on mom homework! Oh, and a few play dates too.
My health has been better, not great. I am still tired a lot, and fighting to keep my platelets up. I don't have a lot of energy, and they suspect rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus too, but I am focused on the blood for now. I am uncomfortable most of the time, but I try to ignore that. I am trying to workout more, but running is sadly not a part of my life right now. I am trying to be a good mom,and save my energy for them. I do the house work and the laundry, and I also do all the yard work. I am glad I can still hug and bend down to play with the kiddos each day!
We just celebrated twelve years of marriage, and we have a few trips planned. Before we know it kids will be in school, man I have gotta do more with them.